New Powerboat Models Turned Toward the Future

This year marks the launch of three new outboard powerboats.

The Cap Camarat line is growing, with two new models, and it continues to evolve to offer even more comfort and functionality, all while conserving its Walk-Around and Center Console versions, highly praised by Jeanneau owners.

These two new models illustrate Jeanneau's vision of the new trend toward day boating, for even more fun and exhilarating sensations, and for genuine moments of escape from the everyday.


Cap Camarat 7.5 CC Série3


Cap Camarat 7.5 WA Série3


See the video presenting the Cap Camarat 7.5 CC Series 3 and 7.5 WA Series 3!

The Merry Fisher Marlin line is getting a makeover and becoming the Merry Fisher Sport.  This new name reflects evolving uses by owners, who have chosen to make the Merry Fisher Marlin their boat for marine sports and activities, ready for adventure.


Merry Fisher 795 Sport Série2

The Merry Fisher Sport line now embodies this new spirit of adventure.


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