Sun Fast, performance and technology by Jeanneau

Designed for speed, sensations, and winning, Sun Fast sailboats make no compromises when it comes to reliability, ease of handling, or safety at sea. These sailboats will amaze you with their stiffness and robustness. Aboard a Jeanneau Sun Fast, technology serves performance.

Performance, Safety, Technology

Dedicated to racing and sailing fast, the Sun Fast are magnificent sailboats entirely moulded by infusion. This technology guarantees exceptional resistance and rigidity with considerable weight reduction. Designed by renowned architects, these sailboats combine speed and stability. Their ergonomic design for enhanced performance and efficient handling never neglects safety.

A multitude of posibilities await you.

Competition and Winning

At ease at regattas, as well as offshore races, Sun Fast sailboats are born to race single-handed, double-handed, or fully crewed. Their design qualities make these sailboats exceptionally rigid and relatively light. Not only that, but they continue to demonstrate their remarkable perfor-mance, renowned in the world of sailboat racing.

Sport Cruisers

Sailors who love the thrills of sailing fast will enjoy intense experiences aboard their Sun Fast sailboats. A sporty atmosphere reigns aboard these extremely high-performance sailboats. The spacious cockpit comfortably accommodates racing with crew. The clever layout of the deck facilitates handling and manoeuvres. Days of surfing across the water, sea spray, and tacking into the evening are yours! And after the day's activities, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in the clean, comfortable interior.

Models in this line

Sun Fast 30 One Design

A Breath of Fresh Air in Offshore Racing


10.4 m / 34'1"

Sun Fast 3300

An Uncompromising Race Boat, Programmed for Winning


10.11 m / 33'2"

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