Here is another update from Zanzibar and her crew, in the archipelago of the Cies (Galicia, Spain).  A little bit of paradise: islands with turquoise waters and a landscape to take your breath away!


 After having perused a few brochures that we picked up at tourism offices along way, we decided to make a stopover in the Cies Islands.  This archipelago includes the Cies Islands, Salvora and Ons, in a preserved natural park, and it is renowned for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world…

“To get there, we must show a boating license as well as a permit for anchoring.  Upon our arrival at he office for the Natural Park, in the centre of Vigo, I explained, in my best Spanish, the reason for our presence.  At that moment, a petite woman, toward the back of the room, holds a paper up in the air, saying “ZANZIBAR?” I felt a huge relief when she came forward to hand me the authorisation!

“Once more on our Sun Shine 36, everyone was ready to leave the city.  We left the docks to cover the 8.5 nautical miles that separated us from our goal.  It was with wide eyes that we advanced toward the Playa Das Rodas, under motor, as there was no wind.

“The sun was shining, in spite of the clouds.

“What would we discover upon our arrival?  In an hour and a half, we would know.


Eyes Full of Blue

 Dazzling colours awaited us…

First, there was the turquoise blue of the sea, in crystal-clear waters, inhabited by many fish, through which we could see the sandy bottom.

“Then, there was the immaculate white sand on the beach, which was shaped in a crescent moon.

“And lastly, there was the copious dark green of the summit, culminating over 200 metres above us.  Yes, beyond the sand dunes, a forest of tall pines, oaks and eucalyptus trees cover this island.

“It is magnificent!

“We plan to spend 3 days on this island paradise to:  swim, relax on the beach, hike, and learn to paddleboard with a gift we had received from Santa.

“After several sublime days here, we will continue heading south toward Baiona, and then on to Porto, where we plan to stay a few days to sightsee.