The Odyssey Experience

The Odyssey Experience

The Odyssey Experience is a call for a humanitarian and/or an environmental project, announced by Paul Blanc, former Executive Director of Jeanneau, to benefit students, enabling them to leave in September on a cruise for 10 months aboard a Sun Odyssey 410.  The objective:  to demonstrate the accessibility of our sailboats while supporting a CSR project in accordance with Jeanneau’s values.

After an initial phase calling for candidatures, then a second phase of selecting the crew to sail for 10 months, the Odyssey Experience continues to develop in preparation for the big launch.

Now, you can follow the adventures of the winning crew, Sail for Tomorrow, on our social media pages, as well as on theirs.


Following interviews with the top five crews, finalists for the Odyssey Experience, the jury deliberated to choose a winning project.  We are proud to present to you the crew that will set sail on the world’s oceans aboard a Sun Odyssey 410 in September:

Embark on the Odyssey Experience with Sail for Tomorrow

Sail for Tomorrow is a crew of five friends united by a common dream:  to sail the world’s oceans to preserve the environment through education.  They will thus create an educational programme to raise awareness among the younger generation for the protection of the planet and the marine environment.


"Five friends have just seen their lives changed, their dream realized.  Thanks to Jeanneau for having confidence in us.  We will do everything we can to make the best of the great opportunity that we have been given."


Iñaki, Captain of Sail for Tomorrow


The contest has now concluded, but the adventure is just beginning for Sail for Tomorrow.  We have been impressed by the quality of work by the students. Bravo to all participants!


Now, you can follow the adventures of Iñaki, Arthur, Faustine, Fanny, and Benjamin on social media, @Jeanneau_Official and @Sailfortomorrow.


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