The Merry Fisher 895 rewarded twice!

The Merry Fisher 895 was recognized by both Val Navtika magazine and Asian Marine & Boating magazine!

Merry Fisher 895, the "Boat of the Year 2017"!

Selected in the 1st category Motor Boat “open in hard top up to 10 meters”, the Merry Fisher 895 has been chosen by the magazine Val Navtika and its editorial board.

This was the 14th annual Slovenian “Boats of the Year”.

Merry Fisher 895, the "Best Sports or Sports Fishing Boat 2017"

This year, during the Shanghaï boat show 2017, the Merry Fisher was recognized by the Asian Marine & Boating Awards in the Best Sports or Sports Fishing Boat category.

The entire Jeanneau crew is proud to receive these two important awards!