Sailing for All!

For over 65 years, Jeanneau has accompanied all those who love the sea in pursuing their passions, simple pleasures, and thrilling sensations on all the world’s oceans.

To facilitate access for new sailors and to raise awareness for responsible cruising, Jeanneau and UCPA have collaborated to offer a series of video tutorials.

We would like to enable everyone to discover the pleasures of sailing and to experience moments at sea with full peace of mind.

– Samuel Dubois, Jeanneau Brand Director

Weather, safety, plotting a course, points to verify on board…. Our experts share their knowledge and advice through these instructive videos, addressed to beginners as well as to the initiated, who may wish to review their fundamentals.

Unforgettable experiences at sea await!


The Playlist

Tutorial 1:  Prepare your cruise for a pure experience at sea.  ⛵


Tutorial 2:  Prepare your sailboat for an outing at sea with full peace of mind.   ⛵


The sailing school, UCPA Croisières, is a French association that accompanies people in their progress and in their preparation when planning for an initial discovery, a purchase, or a charter.

In France and internationally, there are some fifteen adapted launch sites that also serve to spread awareness for the preservation of the marine environment, in the spirit of sharing and caring for the well-being of each person, and in service of personal growth for all.