Discover the IRC of the Sun Fast 3300

Daniel Andrieu, architect of the Sun Fast 3300 in collaboration with Guillaume Verdier, talks about the IRC of this new sailboat


The new Sun Fast 3300 was unveiled on Saturday, December 8, 2018 in Paris. Waiting for discover this new sailboat in the water next spring, Daniel Andrieu tells us more about the IRC of the Sun Fast 3300.

"The rating system is based on what we call a « shadow boat », which means that there is a “hidden” boat behind the rating. The creators of the IRC rating thought “What we would like to have, it’s this type of boat”. IRC formulas favor one type of boat, and slightly disfavor others, to encourage boatyards to build toward a certain type. So the actual Sun Fast, if we want her to be optimized for the IRC rating, should be the closest to this “shadow boat”. Which, in the end means a very stable and seaworthy boat."