Designer, Jean-Marc Piaton, and Architect, Philippe Briand, Discuss the Evolution of the Sun Odyssey Line

In this interview, you will hear from Jean-Marc Piaton and Philippe Briand as they discuss the history of the marine industry, its evolution and the skills they have acquired over the course of their careers.  They also share how they gave birth to revolutionary sailboats, notably with an innovative design for easy flow of movement on board.  Three years ago, the latest generation of the Sun Odyssey line was born, with the Sun Odyssey 440, followed by the Sun Odyssey 490, and then the Sun Odyssey 410.


When we design the image of a boat for a line like Sun Odyssey, the question I ask myself is not:  ‘How does the boat sail?’  It is:  ‘What does the brand want to express about itself?’ - Jean-Marc Piaton


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Perpetual Evolution in the Cruising World


The cruising world has recently seen an explosion in popularity and has had to evolve rapidly.  Today, naval architects are frequently inspired by the world of sailboat racing.  Additionally, competition between shipyards has led to a strong drive to create boats delivering ever-greater performance.


The industry became what it is today because we opened ourselves up to create products for a general public. - Philippe Briand


Partners in Design, Jean-Marc Piaton and Philippe Briand Talk About Their Collaboration and Share Their Approaches to the Craft


Philippe Briand


Naval architect originally from La Rochelle, France, he began designing his first boat at 16 years old.  Since that time, he never stopped imagining and designing cruising boats heavily inspired by the world of sailboat racing.

The world-renowned naval architect is an iconic figure for the Jeanneau brand, since 1977. Philippe Briand is at the origin of the first Sun Fast, and he has designed most of the Sun Odyssey sailboats since 2012.

Jean-Marc Piaton


After a career in the design office for an advertising group, he entered the cruising world when a customer asked him to design the interior of his boat.  An outstandingly creative designer of brand images, he has worked with Jeanneau for five years.  He redesigned the interior decor of the new generation of Sun Odyssey sailboats with an unmatched and decidedly original touch.



Sun Odyssey 440, an Invitation to Travel and Enjoy Life


The Sun Odyssey 440 belongs to the new generation of Sun Odyssey sailboats, conceived with the principal objective of having a simplified flow of movement on board.  Philippe Briand has effectively imagined a deck plan without obstacles to facilitate movement about the boat, walkaround sidedecks.

On the interior, Jean-Marc Piaton designed simple lines and created attractive living spaces.  This sailboat features a harmonious design, one dedicated to cruising and to enjoying life on board.


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