Merry Fisher Marlin: Destination Arctic Norway

The Merry Fisher Marlin line is represented at Skjervoy Fish Camp, an offshore fishing centre located above the Arctic Circle


The Merry Fisher Marlin: Crossover of the Seas

Merry Fisher Marlin models are characterised by an inverted windscreen and a walk-around deck plan.  Safety, performance and fuel efficiency are assured in this line by an excellent level of security on board, a proven hull and an outboard engine.  The line features a contemporary, adventurous spirit, inspired by Scandinavian style and adapted to meet the expectations of our customers around the world.


Merry Fisher Marlin:  Destination Norway

Skjervoy Fish Camp is a fishing centre located above the Arctic Circle, known by many passionate offshore fishermen. To meet the anglers’ needs, Skjervoy Fish Camp purchased ten Merry Fisher 795 Marlins, each powered by an incredible 115 HP Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine. With its contemporary design and strong personality, the Merry Fisher 795 Marlin offers true comfort while cruising and a superior quality of life on board. She is fully equipped and features numerous storage compartments, including storage for offshore fishing.

On his blog, Dave Lewis, a fishing specialist who travels around the world, writes: “I have long been a fan of the Jeanneau range, so much so that were I ever to consider buying another boat for my own use, I would be surprised if I purchased anything other than a Jeanneau. All of the Jeanneau range I have trialled have handled beautifully in a wide range of varying sea conditions, and the Marlin range in particular are absolutely perfect for fishing from.”