One Sun Odyssey 469 and an eclectic crew, one destination and multiple ambitions: the fabulous story of “Uzivaj, a Dalmatian Odyssey”

The crew, Expé2M, took to sea on October 15th on a 12-day voyage to discover the Adriatic coast aboard a Sun Odyssey 469.

The goal of this expedition, “Uzivaj, a Dalmatian Odyssey,” was to call attention to our relationship with the environment and seek solutions in order to reconcile coastline conservation efforts with mass tourism.

To achieve this, a crew composed of a researcher, a filmmaker, a specialist in nature sports, a paraglider, a sailor, a tourism development student, and a photographer all explored the Adriatic coast aboard a Sun Odyssey 469.

This initiative takes place within the framework of the Mediterranean project, "MEDJUV," which began in 2017, with the objective of helping those responsible for the management of natural sites, as well as public authorities, by providing them with concrete information that is necessary to optimise management and promote sustainable use of the coastline.

On the agenda: nature sports, meeting people in the tourism industry, understanding the management of fragile ecologies, visiting protected natural spaces, and above all, imagining solutions for the conservation of diverse species.