Have you ever thought that you are not using your yacht enough and that you wished that she could make you some money in her downtime?

Well here is a proposition that might be of interest….

The Sea Ventures Charter Advantage

Charter Advantage from Sea Ventures offers an innovative solution to Yacht ownership. Our partnership with leading charter operator, Prometheus Sailing, allows you unlimited sailing, but with the advantage of a regular income from your yacht when not in use.

Charter Advantage offers:

  • Ownership of a high quality Jeanneau yacht of your choice
  • Unlimited sailing days
  • Professional charter management of your yacht*
  • Your yacht professionally prepared by your yacht management partners, ready for your arrival**
  • Choice of the type of charters your yacht undertakes
  • The ability to subsidise your costs with charter income, to make yacht ownership more affordable*

*Subject to a charter management fee.

**Yacht professionally cleaned and checked after each charter and 5 additional turnarounds included per annum.

If in principle this is of interest then contact Tim or Tom and let them discuss with you how it all works and what the benefits to you could be. In the meantime you can download and print a precis of this item by following this link:



The Sea Ventures Charter Advantage



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