The Sun Odyssey 410 Wins the 2019 British Yachting Awards Trophy!

A 4th Trophy for the Sun Odyssey 410!

The Sun Odyssey 410 was honoured on Monday, December 2nd over the course of an evening dedicated to the British Yachting Awards, at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London.

This award is an annual initiative of the Sailing Today and Yachts and Yachting magazines to honour the sailing world, both in cruising and racing.

It is their online readers who vote to elect their favourite boats from amongst different categories.


A Popular Sailboat!

The Sun Odyssey 410 has experienced phenomenal success, and just like the rest of the Sun Odyssey line, this sailboat benefits from the recognition of marine professionals and the public, alike.  After having been recognised by Cruising World Magazine, it also received the distinction of “Best Sailing Yacht in Asia,” as well as the “Sailboat of the Year” award, by Voile Magazine.  It is a great honour for the Jeanneau crew to receive this new award.

This multi-award-winning boat is a beautiful reflection of the new generation of Sun Odysseys.


Performance and Ergonomic Design Are Watchwords of the Line

At once seaworthy and inviting, cosy and sporty, masculine and feminine, the Sun Odysseys are as seductive on the interior as on the exterior.  The atmosphere is warm and well appointed, soft and luxurious.  On the interior, clean lines and perception of volume are attractive and make life on board easy.  The Sun Odysseys feature a harmonious structure, dedicated to cruising and the pleasures of life on board.

With the Jeanneau crew, we have always had the desire to go further, to do better, and to benefit from evolutions.

Marc Lombard


The entire Jeanneau crew is delighted with this outstanding distinction that underscores significant collaborative work with Marc Lombard and Jean-Marc Piaton, respectively the architect and the designer of the Sun Odyssey 410.



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