The Merry Fisher range

The Merry Fisher Marlin : crossovers of the seas

The Merry Fisher are boats for sailing in varying sea conditions and the Marlin range in particular are ideal for fishing from.

Merry Fisher Marlin


The fishing camps

The Merry Fisher, which are boats that combine safety, performance and economy, are excellent for activity of fishing camps which offer deep-sea fishing trip, perfect to big game fishing.


Skjervøy fiskecamp : One of the best fishing spots in Norway

Skjervoy Fish Camp is a fishing centre located above the Arctic Circle, known by many passionate offshore fishermen. To meet the anglers’ needs, Skjervoy Fish Camp purchased ten Merry Fisher 795 Marlins. Boats that everyone likes, as the fishcamp says so well:

“We, as a camp, and customers, are really happy of the product and from next season”

By spring 2019, the camp will offer 14 Jeanneau powerboats.

As customers like saying, these new fishing boats are “like a cherry on the top of all good holidays in north Norway“.

Skjervøy fiskecamp


Discover in video the interview of Arnt Frøseth explaining why Merry Fisher Marlin are the best for fishing. These powerboats combine safety, performance and economy. Interviewed by Dave Lewis, a fishing specialist who travels around the world.