The Sun fast 3200 won the Simrad One Star solo race cup in Norway

Simen Løvgren :

"Last week I won the Simrad One Star solo race cup here in Norway with my SunFast 3200. We was sailing 160 + 100 NM in some rough conditions. I won both races and then won the race all over.


The boat do really surprise at upwind. When sailing against boats as Arcona 370, Bevaria 35 Match and Elan 37 the performance are really good. In wind speed about 20 knots I am both sailing  higher and faster. I have really found the last key to the max performance at the boat. The boat have now been running 3600 NM. And still the boat are unbroken and all the equipment are complete, nothing to report

I am sailing the boat with ass. gennaker braced up with the spi boom. This is a really good solution to have a maximum performance at downwind, especially in the range of 90 to 160 TWA. Then often I have 110% polar boat speed compared with the original polar (made for symmetrical spinnaker?)

I really hope the Norwegian market soon will realize that this is the max performance shorthand boat. After this victory the interest for the boat have of course increased … (there was one Pogo 40 that participated, that was a boring appearance"