Legacy on the Water: A Century of Coneys, from Broadway Drapes to Sailing Dreams

Coneys Marine, A Family of Yachtsman

from Broadway Drapes to Sailing Dreams

The Coneys family opened their doors in 1919, but it wasn't in the marine business or Huntington, New York, where they are based today. Originally, they were in the dry cleaning business but not a traditional dry cleaning business. "We specialized in cleaning really big things, like stage drapes that you find on Broadway," said Kevin R. Coneys. "We had a slew of trucks that would travel back and forth from our location in Queens to the neighboring boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island; we were constantly picking things up, cleaning them, and delivering them back. Eventually, we even got into the business of cleaning sails," Kevin said.

In 1974, the Coneys family relocated to Huntington on Long Island and started a new business in the marine industry. The family had always had a love of being on the water, and had grown up sailing and racing in Manhasset Bay on Long Island Sound. So owning and operating a marine business was a natural fit.


Back row (L-R): Jimmy Coneys, Grant Coneys, Kevin M. Coneys, Austin Coneys. Front row: (L-R): Paul Fenn, Tommy Coneys, Kevin R. Coneys, Lucie Coneys, Catherine Guiader, Samantha Coneys, Tyler Coneys


Over the years, while much has changed, there's a lot that hasn't. They still operate upwards of 200 moorings, provide launch service, operate a marine store, rig boats, launch boats, store boats, and of course sell boats; occasionally, they even get the chance to sail boats! What has changed, aside from the boats getting a lot bigger, is there is now a whole new generation of Coneys involved with the business, including Austin (Grant's son), Kevin M. (Kevin R's son), Samantha (Tom's daughter), and Lucie (Kevin R's daughter).

Jeanneau America's Catherine Guiader with Kevin M. Coneys and Jimmy Coneys