Sails without Border and Jeanneau

Through our continuing partnership with Voiles Sans Frontières, Jeanneau supports the association in engaging the marine world in action for international solidarity.

Voiles Sans Frontières

Sails without borders

Created in 1997, Voiles Sans Frontières works with isolated village populations benefitting from little international aid and which are accessible only by water routes.

Their work is centered on projects in three fields:

  • Health and Sanitation
  • Education
  • Revenue-Generating Activities

For 25 years, Voiles Sans Frontières has:

  • 126 field missions completed
  • 493 participants sent on missions
  • 140 sailboats involved in at least one mission
  • 6 school partnerships, on average, each year
  • 118 Neighbourhood Integrated Service Team (NIST) interventions in schools in France benefitting 3,559 students

Actions Taken through Partnership

Support from Jeanneau and other partners has enabled the organisation to conduct various projects to benefit isolated populations of Sine-Saloum, in Senegal.

In 2017

Jeanneau worked to reconstruct the foot bridge joining N’Ghadior with Djirnda in order to secure the only means of access to the village, the nearest centre of local infrastructure and civic life.

In 2018

Jeanneau participated in the co-construction of the health centre for the village of Diogane, thus improving the health and living conditions of 3,000 habitants.

In 2019

Jeanneau participated in the rehabilitation of a workshop in Mbam for the project, “Safety at Sea.”

In 2020

  • Voiles Sans Frontières supported health structures and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic by supplying 2,000 masks, made in the workshop in Mbam, 500 bars of soap, and complete kits for health workers in 14 villages.
  • Voiles Sans Frontières financed the training of 25 monitors for early elementary education centres.

In 2021

  • Rehabilitation of the early elementary education centre in Bassar was completed, enabling 80 small children to attend preschool in facilities adapted to their educational needs.
  • The “The Produce Growers of Gandoul” and “The Honey of Saloum” projects continued in nine villages, after having been implemented in Falia, Diogane, Moundé and Wandié.  Beekeeping is a field that is equally close to the heart of Voiles Sans Frontières, since it represents a source of revenue that is not negligeable for local Income-Generating Activity Groups.

Today, Jeanneau reaffirms its commitment to continue support for Voiles Sans Frontières, which – through its expertise, its values, and its determination – comes to the aid of populations isolated by the sea.