Annapolis Boat Show Comes Alive Fueled by Record Attendance and lots of Enthusiasm

Annapolis Boat Show Comes Alive Fueled by Record Attendance and lots of Enthusiasm

United States Sailboat Show - Annapolis, MD

For sailors, there’s no better show on the planet than the Annapolis Sailboat Show located in beautiful, Annapolis, Maryland. In fact, it’s really much more than a boat show, it’s an event complete with music, great local food, tons of people, and of course lots and lots of new boats to see; there is really no other show that compares.

This year, the show was bigger and better than ever. We had a total of six boats on display including the always-popular Sun Odyssey 349, Limited Edition along with the complete Walk-Around Deck Series including the new Sun Odyssey 380, 410, 440, and 490. And then from our Jeanneau Yachts Series, we had the timeless Jeanneau Yacht 60. It was a great lineup for sure! We also had a terrific owner’s party with upwards of 200 guests in attendance. All and all, the 2022 Annapolis Sailboat Show was nothing short of fantastic!

Kristina’s Travels Lands in Annapolis!

One of the highlights of this year’s Annapolis show was meeting and welcoming on board, Jeanneau owners and YouTube stars, Kristina Costalos and John Tilley of the sailing channel Kristina’s Travels. John and Kristina traveled all the way from their floating home in Brisbane, Australia to join a host of other sailing channels displaying at this year’s show. As a bonus, not only were we fortunate enough to host them on the Jeanneau stand, but we also got the chance to interview them for an upcoming episode of Jeanneau Underway. Thanks for coming John and Kristina, we look forward to crossing paths with you again soon!