Bluenose Yachts Launches Performance Yachts Group

Bluenose Yacht Sales Forms Performance Yachts Group

For Bluenose owner, Glenn Walters, sailing fast on high-performing boats has always been something near and dear to his heart. Whether it’s the Lobster Run to Maine, or the Bermuda One-Two or the Ida Lewis Distance Race, it’s all about sailing fast and having fun.

“Sailing has always been a lifelong passion for me. Throw racing into the mix and it immediately amplifies the fun factor and adds the elements of competition and teamwork into the whole experience; I love it!” says Glenn

The idea of forming a specific performance sailing program within the Bluenose dealership started to come into focus a couple of years ago with the introduction of the Sun Fast 3300.

“I really thought the 3300 was a great boat right from the start, especially for short-handed sailing. And the fact that it was getting podium finishes on the race courses in Europe, really got me excited. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one here in Newport,” says Glenn.

Since introducing the Sun Fast 3300 in 2019, its popularity has continued to grow, thanks in part to Ken Read, President of North Sails who has been campaigning the boat on a regular basis for the past couple of years and winning.

In a 33 foot boat you're going 12-13 knots in 20 knots of breeze. We weren't even trying yet. So it's fun.

- Ken Read, President of North SaILs


Today, the newly established Performance Yachts Group owns a total of four Sun Fast 3300’s and has just named their first director, Jonathan Banks (pictured below).

I am excited to join Glenn and the rest of the team at Bluenose Yachts. I look forward to building on the success of the Sun Fast 3300 and growing our performance program. 

- Jonathan Banks, Director of Performance Yachts Group

With the 2022 sailing season rapidly approaching, it will be another jam-packed summer of distance racing for the Sun Fast 3300 including the Block Island Race beginning May 27th, the NYYC Annual Regatta from June 11-13, the Newport Bermuda Race beginning June 17th, the New England SOLO/TWIN on July 29th, and The Ida Lewis Distance Race, with Bluenose Yacht Sales as the Presenting Sponsor beginning August 18th.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting program. For now, it’s off to the races aboard the Sun Fast 3300!