FISH OF THE DAY Season 3 Episode #6 - 360º Tour of Golden Bay

In this 3rd season of Fish of the Day, join Clarke Gayford aboard the NC 795 and the NC 895 Sport.  This is a unique opportunity to discover fishing as well as the culinary arts in the extraordinary landscapes of New Zealand.




In this last episode of Season 3 of Fish of the Day, Clark Gayford takes us behind the scenes aboard a NC 795 to Golden Bay where he went diving to look for a type of shellfish that has quite the reputation.


Just another little behind the scenes 360º.  Here, in gorgeous ‘See-Ya-Later-Winter’ Golden Bay! 


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Designed for coastal cruising in mind, the NC 795 is a fun family-friendly weekender ready for any adventure.


About “Fish of the Day”


“Fish of the Day” is a television show in which fishing serves as the perfect excuse to discover fabulous destinations.

In each episode, Clarke Gayford, a well-known television presenter in New Zealand, makes it a point of honor to catch incredible fish in stunning scenery.  Through his encounters, each one more enriching and joyous than the last, he enhances the fresh-caught fish by featuring it in a traditional recipe prepared by a renowned chef.

The show pays particular attention to the ecosystem and the environment.  Fishing can be both extraordinary and environmentally friendly!