Jeanneau Powerboat Maintenance Tips & Advice

Whether you have just PURCHASED A new Jeanneau powerboat or you have already owned a boat, regularly maintaining your powerboat is VERY importanT for its smooth operation and longevity.

Here is some advice for effectively maintaining your Jeanneau powerboat.

➔ Hull Maintenance

For the part of your boat that is above the waterline, the gel coat is exposed to various phenomena, and the hull can yellow.  Ready-to-use cleaning products that are specially formulated for boats exist.  We also advise you to apply polish every year for a nice shine.  You can find all our recommended products for exposed surfaces at your Jeanneau dealership.

You can find all our recommended products for exposed surfaces at your Jeanneau dealership.


For the part of the hull beneath the waterline, an annual haul-out is necessary to clean off the algae and seashells with a high-pressure sprayer.  

After this cleaning, it is indispensable to apply a new coat of antifouling paint to protect the underside of the hull during the cruising season.

⇨ Please be careful if you plan to do this yourself, as you are required to conduct this step in an area designated by the boatyard for the proper treatment and disposal of waste.


➔ Deck Maintenance

The deck is heavily used while cruising, enduring foot traffic by the crew, rubbing from lines, exposure to salt, etc., and rust marks or other spots can appear.  Whenever possible, and after each outing, rinse your deck with fresh water to prevent stains, and maintain your deck regularly with a specialized product.

For parts in teak or other types of wood, maintain them with regular brushing and the application of teak oil to nourish and maintain the wood in good condition over time.


➔ OUTBOARD Engine Maintenance

For outboard engines, if your boat is in the water, we ask that you visually check the cooling system via the “check water” light (wash bottle) regularly.

If it is out of the water, you can rinse it with the “ears” or by submerging the lower unit in a basin.

Once the engine is off, you can remove the engine cover in order to check for leaks (salt, traces of grease).  We also advise you to check the oil level via the gauge.


If your engine is so equipped, you can rinse it with fresh water using the manufacturer’s system.

➔ INBOARD Engine Maintenance

For inboard engines, regularly open the engine hatch to check for signs of leaks in the bottom, as well as any traces of salt on the engine block or grease spots.


You can also check the oil level via the gauge


Whether your boat is equipped with AN outboard or an inboard engine, it is very important that it is SERVICED by your Jeanneau dealer at least once a year FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE THROUGHOUT YOUR CRUISING the season.


➔ Fabric Maintenance

Your fabric on board, such as your cushions, Bimini, and boat cover, are also affected by conditions in the marine environment.

We advise you to rinse them with fresh water after each use to protect them from UV rays and salt, and whenever possible, at the end of the season, dry them and store them in a dry place for the winter to avoid mildew spots. 

You should also rinse the stainless steel tubes of your Biminis to avoid corrosion.


➔ Tender and Fender Maintenance


We advise you to maintain your tender and your fenders, as well, since they are made of PVC and a prolonged exposure without maintenance or protection from UV rays, salt, and humidity can considerably reduce their lifespans. Like the deck and fabrics, don’t hesitate to rinse these elements with fresh water after each outing, if possible.

You can also use a specialized cleaning product to regain their shine and protect them from UV rays, in particular.


⇨ Important:  Before carrying out any cleaning, be sure to have the proper personal protective equipment suited for the type of product you will be using (suit, mask, gloves…).


Your Jeanneau Dealer Is There to Assist You with the Maintenance of Your Powerboat:


Your Jeanneau dealer is always available to assist and advise you, whether in the purchase of specific products for the maintenance of your boat, for a repair, in the purchase of a technical product to clean surfaces, advice in wintering your boat, expertise in maintaining your battery, or services for mechanical operations.


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