9 Nov

How to Winterize Your Jeanneau Sailboat?


Jeanneau – How to Winterize Your Sailboat

We hope that this cruising season has enabled you to fully enjoy moments aboard your Jeanneau sailboat.  Sun, drinks with friends, sailing on BEAUTIFUL waters… and a well-deserved summer!

Fall is here, and this season is synonymous with the return to port and seasonal maintenance of your sailboat before winter.  Let us guide you with some advice from our Jeanneau crew for winterizing your sailboat for full peace of mind.

Whatever solution you choose, whether in or out of the water, at a shipyard or in a boatyard, here is our advice to maintain your Jeanneau sailboat in good condition.


Rinse Your Sailboat


After an active summer season of cruising, it is necessary to proceed with a complete freshwater rinse, vigorous scrubbing, and thorough cleaning of your deck and hull.

Following a full season of exposure to UV, salt, abrasion of the lines, etc., these exterior parts require effective cleaning to ensure their protection.  Specialized cleaning products exist, and you can contact your Jeanneau dealer to learn about the products that are best suited for this purpose.  

Don’t forget to wear protective clothing and gear while cleaning.

Rinse and deflate your tender to store it at home during the winter season, and entrust the servicing of your engine to your dealer, who will take care of emptying the fuel tank and maintaining it.


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Strip Down the Sailboat


It is time to clear your sailboat of all electronic equipment and accessories (VHF, GPS, radios, etc.), as this equipment will be better off in dry storage for the winter to avoid any damage.


After having first applied a specialized cleaning product, you will also need to move all canvas covers, cushions, Biminis, and removable exterior seating and upholstery to a dry place for storage to guarantee their protection and avoid mold or mildew damage.


Remove the Sails

We advise you to remove the sails from the boat to avoid premature aging.  A full rinse and annual cleaning are ideal before dry storage for the winter, which will also enable you to limit windage.

If your sailboat is winterized without taking down the mast, whether in or out of the water, we advise you to store all the running rigging, and also to check your standing rigging and replace any pieces (chainplates, turnbuckles, anchor points, etc.) showing signs of wear.


Prepare the Interior


Leave all storage lockers, cabinets, doors, and refrigerator/freezer units open after having cleaned them and proceeded with the installation of a dehumidifier to air out the boat and to avoid damage from mold or mildew over the winter.  Whenever possible, allow airflow to keep your boat dry.

All storage locker interiors require your attention.  Clean them and rinse them with fresh water to avoid any stagnation and mold or mildew.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises at the start of the next cruising season, clean the heads and plumbing with a specialized product, then entirely empty the tanks to avoid freezing water.


Winterize the Batteries


Regarding power onboard, charge your batteries before winter, then turn off the battery switches to avoid running them down and to enhance their longevity.


Verify the Safety Equipment


To best prepare for the return to cruising next spring, take advantage of this season and the winterization process to check the condition of your safety equipment (flares, fire extinguishers, life vests, etc.), and replace any equipment if expiration dates have passed.

Contact a professional to oversee the monitoring of your sailboat if you wish to keep it in dry storage.  

If your sailboat remains in the water, you can also contact your Jeanneau dealer to opt for a concierge service when you are at a distance.


Our dealer network is there for you, to provide you with advice and information regarding winterizing your Jeanneau sailboat in the best conditions.

See the list of our Jeanneau dealers and find your nearest professional.


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For more information regarding sailboat maintenance, please see our Jeanneau guide for the best maintenance practices for sailing with full peace of mind.


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