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NC 33:  A philosophy of life!

The NC line benefits from a strong identity. The NC 33 is an elegant and spacious boat with an exceptional hull design by Michael Peters.


A safe family boat

Designed to live with the sea, the NC 33 is very open to the exterior.  Life is lived on a single level, between the cockpit and the saloon, allowing safe, easy movement about the boat, bathed in natural light.

It is an ideal family boat, with a sliding door at the helm station to facilitate handling and navigation.  The recessed sidedecks and spacious enclosed cockpit make life on board easy and enjoyable.

Clever details include the sliding cockpit bench seat and the pivoting co-pilot bench seat, both standard features.  The NC 33 adapts to meet your needs, offering new solutions and modular living spaces on board.


Come aboard the NC 33!

View the new video of the NC 33 created by our dealer Boat Lagoon yachting, from Bangkok.


View the video of the NC 33 in Bangkok:





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