Recap of the first Peruvian sailboat race of the summer: the COPA VERANO!

On Saturday, January 11th, 2020, 23 sailboats (including Sun Fast and Sun Odyssey sailboats) took to open waters along the Peruvian coast, from La Punta (Lima) to Ancón.


Two Jeanneau events in one:  a regatta and an exposition at the Yacht Club


The first Peruvian regatta of the summer, sponsored by Jeanneau


This race was the first Peruvian regatta of the summer, announcing the season’s start at the Yacht Club of Ancón.  The race, which took place in one day, consisted of a coastal course.  Participants set sail from the Péruano Yacht Club, in La Punta, up to Ancón, a seaside resort north of Lima.


This championship was organised by AVOP (Sailing Association of Peru) and the Yacht Club of Ancón, and sponsored by Jeanneau and Yachting France, Jeanneau Dealership in Peru.

23 sailboats divided into 3 categories


⇾  ORC 500: composed of 5 boats


⇾  ORC 600: composed of 6 boats, including 1 Jeanneau:  the Sun Fast 3600, YOLO


⇾  PHRF: composed of 12 boats, including 3 Jeanneau sailboats: the Sun Odyssey 349 SIROKOS,  Sun Odyssey 410 - NEW Performance, AEGIR, and 1 Jeanneau 51 MANU.


What were the race results?


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The Sun Fast 3600 is the winner in its category


Jeanneau congratulates the crew of the Sun Fast 3600, YOLO, on placing first in the ORC 600 category.



A warm atmosphere


For this year’s event, there was little wind, but the atmosphere was warm!  The evening concluded with an awards ceremony followed by a cocktail diner.


A Jeanneau boat show


During the day, an exposition of Jeanneau boats was also organised by our crew and our dealership, Yachting France, at the Yacht Club of Ancón.  The following models were on display:




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