Excellent performance by JOOPE, Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200

Challenge de la Baie:  excellent performance by JOOPE, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200

On Saturday, March 9th, the 6th leg of the “Challenge de la Baie” took place in Bormes-les-Mimosas, Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur.  At the start of this race, marked by strong wind, was a Sun Fast 3200, named “JOOPE.”  From the port of Lavandou, at the Pointe de la Ris, by way of the port of Bormes and La Fournigue, the weather conditions did not slow this race boat, which became the big winner of this day of racing.  The crew elevated this Sun Fast by Jeanneau to the top of the ranking at the end of 6 legs of this Challenge.  

The Finale of the Challenge de la Baie will take place on March 30 and 31 and will be organised by Yacht Club of Lavandou.  The entire Jeanneau crew will be cheering this Sun Fast 3200, which will be at the start for the finale of the “Challenge de la Baie.”

History of JOOPE

Owners of JOOPE since 2015, Olivier Romand and Pascale Mazzocchi enter race after race with this Sun Fast 3200.  For a number of years now, these two lovers of sailing have been heavily involved in the Sailing Club of Bormes-les-Mimosas. They continue to share their adventures on their Facebook page:  The adventures of JOOPE with Pascale and Olivier.


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Designed for single-handed, double-handed or fully crewed racing, Sun Fast sailboats have been carefully considered for excellent performance at sea.  Without compromising on dependability, on ease of handling, or on safety at sea, these sailboats astound with their seaworthy qualities, their stiffness under sail and their robustness.  The line is now composed of two models:  the Sun Fast 3200 and Sun Fast 3600.  A third sailboat will be added to the line this spring:  the new Sun Fast 3300.

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