Digital tank test, an innovation used for the Sun Fast 3300

Guillaume Verdier, architect of the Sun Fast 3300 in collaboration with Daniel Andrieu, tells us more about the digital tank test 


The digital hull tank is an innovation that the naval architects of the new Sun Fast 3300, Guillaume Verdier and Daniel Andrieu, used when designing this new yacht. Discover the advantages of this technology:


"Thanks to Véronique Soulé, who helped us with computational fluid dynamics, with software that simulates the surfaces, we recreate what we used to do before in tank tests. We really have a digital tank test. With Daniel, we considered the four most probable functions and, we let the boat position itself on its hull lines  ... and in its attitude. In the software, it can balance itself and take on its trim, that is to say, in longitudinal hull lines in function with the weight distribution. Next, we observe, and much better than in a tank test, the causes and effects of geometric variables. We are used to working with these tools that we use on the America’s Cup, on the Vendée Globe, on offshore racers or on large multihulls, like “Gitana.” We are used to working with these tools now. They save us lots of time, and they are also much more efficient than tank tests."