New Sun Odyssey 439
The Sun Odyssey revolution !


The Sun Odyssey revolution, which began this fall with the Sun Odyssey 409’s North American debut in Annapolis, continues with the new Sun Odyssey 439.

This model follows in the spirit of its predecessor, continuing the new styling and design first revealed with the 409. Dynamic lines, a hard chine on the hull, lots of hatches and windows, and the beveled edges on the deck combine to form a powerful and straight forward design from the pen of Philippe Briand. A closer look reveals an innovative deck plan that makes sailing easy.

A Jeanneau is first, and foremost, for sailing. Three main concepts shape the Sun Odyssey 439: a fast, seaworthy sailboat, simple to use deck and sail plans and a high-quality interior. The 439 will make its official American debut in Annapolis next October, but there are a limited number of hulls available to the American market for delivery this spring.