Europe Honours the Sun Fast 3200

Conceived by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3200 features an original, innovative design concept, to which it owes its tremendous commercial success in France and in many other European countries, as well.



Original, because the Sun Fast 3200 benefits from infusion technology, for a lightness that places it squarely in the category of offshore racers, as well as comfortable interior design features that are not available on other race boats of this size.



Innovative, because the Sun Fast 3200 is the synthesis of the one-design intended for races of equal legs in real time and the sailboat designed for fleet racing under the IRC rating system.


Case in point, more than 15 Sun Fast 3200s have already been ordered for the depart of the next Transquadra ocean race, where they will race in real time against a fleet of 120 competitors.