An international reference

Meet your new partner in adventures on the water, under the sun, with the wind in your hair...! The Cap Camarat line offers a multitude of pleasures and thrills on the water: for total relaxation, sensations of speed, marine activities, and shared moments on board… These fast and secure outboard models have proven an undeniable success: today, over 35,000 boats are cruising on waters around the world!

Sun and Sensations

Truly a world reference, the Cap Camarat offers the perfect balance between performance and comfort. With a powerful outboard engine and a design by Michael Peters and Sarrazin Design, two renowned figures in naval architecture and design, the Cap Camarat guarantees impressive top speeds with excellent seakeeping, all with a powerful, contemporary hull profile. The interior layouts offer a remarkable feeling of spaciousness, while the attention to comfort and safety on board makes cruising fun for the whole family. Cocktails, relaxation, water sports… share your fun on the water aboard a Cap Camarat!

A multitude of posibilities await you.

Day Boating and Coastal Exploration

Whether heading out for a spur-of-the-moment cruise to enjoy a sunny day, or systematically exploring all the inlets and islands of the coastline, each weekend, this is the promise of a Cap Camarat. Easy to handle, they will take you quickly to dream locations for day trips, or for larger models, enable you to spend a night on board. At anchor, their equipment and clever layouts guarantee comfortable entertaining and exceptional moments on the water. Then, dive, sunbathe, enjoy a cold refreshment… the choice is yours!

Sporty Cruising and Sensations of Speed

Boasting high-performance outboard engines, Cap Camarats invite you to glide across the water with the wind in your hair, at top speeds of over 40 knots aboard the larger models, all with irreproachable stability, seakeeping, and ease of handling. Experience the fun, the emotions, and the precious shared moments with family and friends… to enjoy without moderation.

Versatility and Marine Activities

Clever, modular layouts and a wealth of equipment aboard Cap Camarats make them highly versatile powerboats. Fold-away bench seating, optional leaning posts with live wells, and easy movement about the cockpit make these boats remarkable partners for sport fishing. Their vast storage capacity and swim platforms provide the whole family with access to a variety of new marine activities, including snorkelling, diving, underwater fishing, and more. Aboard a Cap Camarat, everyone can enjoy their favourite marine adventures.

Models in this line


Cap Camarat 5.5 CC

Your Companion for Outings at Sea


5.48 m / 17'12"

Cap Camarat 6.5 CC serie3

Perfect Balance of Sporty Attitude and Comfort


6.86 m / 22'6"

Cap Camarat 7.5 CC Serie3

Clever Design, Inside and Out


7.37 m / 24'2"

Cap Camarat 9.0 CC

Game Changing Center Console


9.12 m / 29'11"


Cap Camarat 10.5 CC

Fun for All!


10.9 m / 35'9"


Cap Camarat 5.5 WA

Discovering New Sensations


5.48 m / 17'12"

Cap Camarat 6.5 WA serie3

Designed for Beautiful Getaways on the Water


6.31 m / 20'8"

Cap Camarat 7.5 WA SERIE3

Uniquely Crafted for Family Fun


7.37 m / 24'2"

Cap Camarat 9.0 WA

You Don't Have to Choose Between Speed and Comfort


8.6 m / 28'3"

Cap Camarat 10.5 WA SERIE2

Sporty Cruising with Family and Friends


9.95 m / 32'8"

Cap Camarat 12.5 WA

Clever Innovations for Greater Comfort


11.9 m / 39'1"

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