One couple and their two young children decided to take to the sea in search of fabulous adventures and discoveries aboard a Jeanneau Sun Shine 36.

A new Jeanneau love story is unfolding, and we are invited to follow along over the coming months.


 We will be spending the next fifteen months disconnected from the craziness of our professional and familial constraints that require us to live at 100 miles an hour. We will finally take the time to live, to get back to our fundamental needs: eating, sleeping, safety, wondering at the splendours of the Earth and the simple things in life... and enjoying this beautiful adventure all while watch our two little children grow.

We are not on our trial run because we have already left on our sailboat for two months back in 2015.  That little trip to the South of England and Ireland left us with a taste for discovering new horizons, further away and perhaps warmer! 


 This is it!  The decision was made!!  We are leaving… Our departure is scheduled for the spring of 2017, for 15 months.  We will be sailing aboard ‘ZANZIBAR,’ our Sun Shine 36, with which we have already travelled many nautical miles. Our faithful companion was constructed by the Jeanneau shipyard in Les Herbiers, France in 1985, and since 2012, has received all of our attention.

She was largely redone for our voyage, for our life on board, but also for the sake of regaining her original splendour and for our viewing pleasure.

The crew will consist of Laurent, Captain of the ship, Bérengère, his faithful First Mate and their two wonderful children:  Blanche, 4-years-old, and Gabin, 2-years-old.


 Regarding the itinerary, we have drawn the broad strokes, but we also left ourselves some flexibility for following our whims, for chance meeting new peopl and also for any constraints that might come up.  This time we are heading south, to Spain, Portugal, the Strait of Gibraltar and a Mediterranean passage over the summer of 2017.  It is now or never, since we are planning to leave early in the season.  Then, we will sail on to the Canaries and Cape Verde.

We are planning a crossing to the Antilles in December.  After that will be the Antilles, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, then sailing up along the East Coast of the United States, perhaps to New York?  Our return trip is planned via the Azores.

So, we are casting off to live the dream of our lives, for new family adventures!