A finish full of surprises on the 4th leg of the China Sailing Tour!

On the 21th of October, some fifty passionate sailors gathered together at the Wuyuan Bay Yacht Club in the city of Xiamen, where the third official regatta of the China Sailing Tour was held.

The race was held under ideal conditions, with wind speeds of between 10 and 15 knots. After a perfect start, the boats maintained similar performances and stayed very close together right up until the last buoy. Everyone would have given the victory to the Sun Fast 3600 #2, which had put up its spinnaker and had taken the lead. Unfortunately, though, at just a few metres from the finish, the spinnaker suddenly tore. Sun Fast 3600 #1 was able to take advantage of this opportunity in order to steal the lead, and then to narrowly win the race!

It is worth noting that Sun Fast 3600 #1 crewed by Kit and Léo took this leg for a third consecutive win.

Thierry Barot, the official judge of the China Sailing Tour, explained: "That is the exciting thing about a regatta: you never know, or can anticipate, what will happen. You have to keep a positive attitude and fight right up until the last second to take home the victory!"

The next race will take place in Shenzhen on the 10th of November! Stay tuned!