Soon the start of the China Sailing Tour !

Jeanneau and the Jeanneau dealership, Speedo Marine, are creating a unique event: The China Sailing Tour.


Flying the Jeanneau colours, the event will kick off this month, featuring a sailing itinerary composed of six legs that will skirt the eastern coast of China.


Following on its experience as official partner of the French-Chinese team in the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race, a race known as “the Mount Everest of sailing,” Jeanneau will be offering a full schedule of events punctuated by conferences and sailing events with the Chinese sailors of the Dong Feng Race Team.


The China Sailing Tour will be a unique opportunity to meet Cheng Ying Kit (Kit), Liu Xue (Noir), Liu Ming (Leo) and Kong Cheng Chen, who will share their racing experiences with attendees during events both on land and at sea. These four sailors will greet amateur sailors aboard two Jeanneau race boats, Sun Fast 3600s, offering them an initiation to sailing under very favourable conditions.


"After their adventure in the Volvo Ocean Race, they have been a source of pride and enthusiasm for us, their official partners," declared Paul Blanc, Jeanneau’s Regional Director in Asia and the Pacific.


This is the start of a beautiful relationship with the Jeanneau Asia-Pacific team, and one to watch closely!