Sun Fast 3600 wins Caribbean 600!

YOLO, a Sun Fast 3600 racing under the name of Redshift and fresh off the race course of the
Transquadra, pulled off an impressive first place finish in IRC Division Three of the Caribbean 600!

The RORC Caribbean 600, as the name suggests, is a 600 mile race around the Caribbean islands that begins and ends in Antigua. Along the way the competing yachts wind their way past 14 magnificent islands sailing as far north as St. Martin and as far south as Guadeloupe in the central Caribbean.


Strong winter trade winds between 15-20 knots provide exhilarating sailing conditions throughout the race that are perfect for the Sun Fast 3600 which is ideally suited for long-distance ocean racing with plenty of breeze.


Nick Cherry, tactician aboard Redshift, commented: “We are delighted to have won in such a competitive class against boats like Zarafa and Raging Bee. We were pushing each other along and it was great competition. The highlight of the race for us was the reach back from Desirade, screaming along under the A3. That was amazing!”


Once again a Sun Fast 3600 races to the top of the podium.