2021-2022 Transquadra Results

Once again, Jeanneau's expertise is evident in the world of sailboat racing.  In this 10th Transquadra, 20 Sun Fast sailboats have finished at the top of the ranks.


The Transquadra:  a Transatlantic Race for Experienced Amateur Sailors


For a number of years, Jeanneau has been an official partner in the Transquadra, a regatta raced in two legs, which has taken place once every three years since 1993.  It is the only single-handed or double-handed transatlantic race for amateur sailors over 40 years old.  The competition is open to sailboats measuring between 8.5 and 12 metres.


Transquadra Results


In two legs, four rankings were established with the addition of compensated time.  In total, 20 Sun Fast sailboats stood out in the final ranking of the race.  Their strong performances illustrate once again the heritage of the Sun Fast line: bold sailboats, without compromise, designed for success.


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Alex Ozon:  Single-Handed Winner Aboard a Sun Fast 3300

A sailor since his early childhood and the single-handed winner of the last Transquadra, Alex Ozon has once again set himself apart by arriving first in the overall ranking for racing single-handed aboard "Sapristi," a Sun Fast 3300.

The entire Jeanneau crew are very proud of these results, and we congratulate all the skippers of Sun Fast sailboats for their tenacity and their commitment.


Jeanneau Expertise in Sun Fast Sailboats

Sun Fast, Performance and Technology by Jeanneau


A Sun Fast is an enjoyable boat, easy to handle, that strikes the right balance between offshore racing performance, fleet racing, and IRC rating, whether short-handed (single-handed or double-handed) or fully crewed.  In summary, I sought to make the Sun Fast a high-performance boat, yet still easy to handle, and especially a very fun boat, whether offshore or around 3 buoys…

Daniel Andrieu, Naval Architect of the Sun Fast Line