SEASON 4 - Fish of the Day: Season of Exploration

New Season, New Adventures

Fish of the Day is back, with a new season devoted to all those who are passionate about deep sea fishing.  Get ready for travel to exotic destinations!

The Fourth Season Sets Anchor in Auckland, Immersing Us in Sensational Landscapes

Through the episodes in this new season, Clarke Gayford enables us to discover idyllic destinations off the coast of Auckland.


Did You Know?

  • Port of entry to Hauraki Gulf, Auckland is also the largest city in New Zealand and home to over a third of the country's inhabitants.


  • The Hauraki Gulf is a fabulous place that is home to pods of whales and dolphins, as well as numerous species of fish.


Clarke Gayford, Iconic Host of Fish of the Day, is back!

Well-known in New Zealand for having hosted multiple TV programmes, Clarke Gayford is once more the host of this new season.  An experienced and passionate fisherman, he knows how to get the most out of his Merry Fisher 895 Sport while catching fish, each more incredible than the last, in sumptuous landscapes!



Did you know?

Clarke Gayford is also the husband of Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. Born in 1980, she is the youngest woman to hold the highest political position in the country.


On the Menu:  New Zealand Specialties

Far away from anywhere, Clarke Gayford dives into the depths of Auckland searching for the catch of the day.  The various bays of the coast are teaming with marine life of all sorts.  Each episode is a chance to discover new species, to learn and to see new places!


"The best dives take place in the Goat Island Marine Reserve and around the Hauraki Gulf."  


They are spectacular places, with high cliffs, and particularly favourable for fishing.


The Merry Fisher Sport, Partner in Adventure

In each new episode, Clarke Gayford casts off to explore new places and discover the New Zealand coastline, accompanied by his sidekick:  the Merry Fisher 895 Sport.

Tailored for adventure, this line of boats has been designed for enjoyable escapes, a simple way to recharge in the heart of fantastically beautiful natural landscapes.



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SEASON 4 - Fish of the Day:  Season of Exploration

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