With SEANAPPS, stay connected to your boat !

 Cruise with peace of mind, with the SEANAPPS Application.


SEANAPPS is composed of a connected box, located aboard your boat, and a mobile application.  This new system enables you to monitor and maintain your boat from a distance, from your smartphone. 


According to the configuration of your sailboat or powerboat, SEANAPPS enables you to control :


  • Safety of your boat (GPS position, battery level, bilge level, engine data...),

  • Cruising data (distance covered, speeds, depth...),

  • Maintenance and comfort on board (tank levels, temperature, and humidity in the cabins...).




✔ Monitor your boat from a distance


✔ Facilitated maintenance


✔ All in your pocket

  • Real time status alerts
  • GPS monitoring
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Planning and scheduling with your dealership
  • Digital maintenance log
  • Trip data
  • Owner's manual and technical documents
  • News and exclusive offers


List of Connected Jeanneau Boats


Since September of 2021, all new Jeanneau Yachts have been equipped with this technology and are ready to be connected.


SEANAPPS can also be retrofitted aboard your current Jeanneau sailboat or powerboat.


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