The 2021 Cap-Martinique - Alex Ozon in His Own Words


Cap-Martinique, a race combining good humour, competitive sport, safety and solidarity

Starting in Brittany and finishing in the Antilles is the objective in this race, whose participants support a social cause or sustainable development.

While the departure is scheduled for April 18th, 2021, the Cap-Martinique is open to amateurs with the necessary experience to cross the Atlantic in an offshore race and is reserved for fast sailboats measuring 30 to 40 feet.



Alex Ozon, in the midst of preparation, recounts…

When I was between 6 and 11 years old, I clambered around with my twin brother on a beautiful boat on a trip around the world, which obviously left an impression me... Then, I was lucky enough to live within 800 m from the sea when I was a teenager.  My grandparents were oyster farmers on one side and the owners of a seafood restaurant on the other.  What’s more, I have been surfing since my teenage years… that is to say that I love the sea, the ocean, and I would be unhappy far from the sea.

As life would have it, I was able to acquire a little sailboat... which grew up, leading up to a magic adventure aboard my “Team2Choc,” where I progressed, and aboard which I began single-handed racing in the Transquadra adventure with my pals...  In the end, nothing was simple, but the outcome [was] fantastic.  In the meantime, I embarked on the Sun Fast 3200 of Daniel Andrieu, where I was trusted and allowed to “express myself,” both literally and figuratively, and then on a Sun Fast 3600.



Multiple successes in big races...

Today, they believe me capable of going fast aboard a Sun Fast 3300, so I find myself once again aboard the first of the series.  The sailboat was baptised ‘Sapristi’… to battle the thronging competition!

It is a beautiful challenge, and I admit that I like it a lot... aboard a vessel with a lively temperament, whose potential remains to be discovered, and I believe I have seen that she has quite a lot...


Et la Cap-Martinique ?

The Cap-Martinique, as it happens, is foreseeable in my calendar...  All the pals will be there, and it’s the chance to return to the Atlantic for non-stop surfing... so obviously I am tempted.  Three weeks of single-handed racing, to finish in the sunshine of Martinique…  There are worse things, right?

Of course, it is out of the question to go just to show up.  The objective is to arrive as quickly as possible aboard a Sun Fast 3300 in the Bay of Fort de France riding endless waves... and to leave as many competitors as possible in my wake... the course is pretty simple... direction Martinique, sailing without  regret, cleanly, and as fast as possible...