SUN ODYSSEY 409 HN 1 winner at its first race in Greece

In the beginning of May ATHENIAN YACHTS along with SIGGY’S Company from Luxembourg, organized a sailing regatta in the Argosaronic Gulf, “The Siggy’s Cup”.

The regatta proved to be a great success with over thirty JEANNEAU boats entering, between 40-50 from the ATHENIAN YACHTS fleet, with 300 people taking part from several French and Luxembourg companies.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 HN 1,LEONIDAS, stole the show and won the race.
The regatta ended with a great party with the honorary presence of

Consul Honoraire du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Monsieur Jean-Marc REDING
Premier Secrétaire

Monsieur Nikolaos KIOUSSIS
Attaché (Aff.Commerciales, économiques et culturelles)