At sea as on land, together we can preserve our environment

The degradation of our environment is one of the principal challenges to which our society must respond in the coming years.


What are some actions you can take with your boat to address the environmental challenges of our planet?

We have listed for you the 13 best, easy-to-apply practices in order to limit your environmental impact while at port, under way and at anchor with your sailboat or powerboat.

Learn steps to take with your boat to prevent pollution, respect plant and animal life, and to practice sustainable fishing and smart seafood consumption, at sea as on land, so that you, too, can become engaged in addressing this vital challenge.


Learn the top 13 environmentally responsible steps to take with your boat, HERE


Jeanneau is committed to preserving marine biodiversity.

ISO 14001 Certification:  International Environmental Standards

We have integrated into our production procedures the use of technology and equipment for the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

ISO 9001 Certification:  International Quality Standards

Our production procedures are certified by the strictest international standards.


Our Environmental Initiatives