The EDHEC Sailing Cup: a challenge successfully met!

Jeanneau has supported a group of students in their participation in the EDHEC Sailing Cup aboard an iconic Jeanneau sailboat:  the Sélection.

Robin, Erwan, Alban, Lucas, Axel and Théophile have now raced in the 50th EDHEC Sailing Cup, which took place from the 22nd to the 28th of April 2018 in Brest, France.

Race results

With their Sélection sailboat, the ACESIV crew finished 13th out of 35 boats in the overall ranking of the EDHEC Sailing Cup, the largest student sporting event in Europe.

It is a very honourable finish for these young skippers with little experience!

The crew tell us...

“We have had the great pleasure of taking part in this adventure.  It was an ambitious goal.  To take on such a project requires an enormous investment and an enormous amount of work.  We have come out of this experience stronger and motivated to go further.”


What next?

After this epic adventure, the ACESIV sailing association would like to acquire a new sailboat to participate in different regattas, such as the SPI Ouest France, the Armen Race and other local races.

And why not aboard a Sun Fast 3200 or a Sun Fast 3600?

One thing is sure, we will see them again next year at the starting line for the EDHEC Sailing Cup with their new sailboat, and perhaps with a fresh ACESIV association crew, who knows.


The entire Jeanneau crew congratulate these young students on their beautiful accomplishment!


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