Sun Odyssey 440 Galley Challenge

Sun odyssey 440 Galley challenge

Just how much can we pack into the Sun Odyssey 440 Galley? Challenge Accepted! In this video, the dynamic duo must stock a week’s worth of provisions for four people aboard the Sun Odyssey 440. Will they manage to find space for everything? Climb on board to see how much can we pack into the 440. 

View the “440 Galley Challenge” video:

A Unique Chance to Discover the Sun Odyssey 440

What makes the Sun Odyssey Walk-Around Series stand out from the pack? Well for one --- the storage! The Sun Odyssey 440 is a sailboat with a clever ergonomic design.  Its walk-around side decks enable you to move easily between the fore and aft of the boat. Down below, the interior has an unobstructed view of the sea with tons of storage compartments, perfect for weekend or extended cruising.