Discover the new interiors of the Sun Odyssey DS!

New Wood for the Sun Odyssey DS!

The Sun Odyssey DS line is replacing the wood on its interiors for an even higher quality finish.

ALPI Teak, already selected for the Sun Odyssey line, will soon be found aboard the line of deck salons, offering a warm, bright, more contemporary atmosphere.

The interior style of the DS, resulting from a collaboration with designers Franck Darnet and Olivier Flahault, already features a selection of fine materials: polished stainless steel fiddles, white lacquered cabinets, light floorboards, leather-wrapped trim and two-tone vinyl finish on ceiling panels.

In addition to the selection of materials, the overall aesthetic, functionality and ergonomic design have been carefully studied to include such details as a meridian sofa, an innovative galley design, and touch-latch cabinet doors, among other things.