Rallye des Iles du Soleil

Rallye des Iles du Soleil 2018: “JackNo” reflects on its adventure

The Sun Odyssey 43 DS “JackNo” crossed the finish line on Wednesday 5 December 2019 at 5:05 am local time, into the bay of Saint-Louis in Marie-Galante. A Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-style arrival after 26 days at sea from La Palma (Canary Islands) to Marie-Galante (Guadeloupe).

The whole team at Jeanneau would like to congratulate the crew once again for taking part in this fabulous adventure!


Below, the crew share their emotional account of the journey:

“In just a few hours, we’ll be arriving into Marie Galante, our long route’s final destination. We have been entirely consumed by our journey, battered by the elements, swallowed by the ocean. The sea has merged with our boat into one, pushing it to its very last breath, our entire being now nothing but waves and shudders.

[...] This long journey will never truly end: it will continue to open our eyes to new horizons, new perspectives and new perceptions.

That’s the magic of the Rallye des Iles du Soleil, channelling energy and reuniting passion through a common pursuit.

Always, unfettered man, you will cherish the sea!”


Above all, the Rallye des Iles du Soleil is a “wonderful human experience”, as recounted by “JackNo” crew member Bruno Touchais in an exclusive interview.

The skipper reflects on the crew’s fabulous adventure from La Palma to Marie-Galante:


A one-of-a-kind transatlantic experience

The Rallye des Iles du Soleil is a one-of-a-kind transatlantic experience. A chance to share unforgettable moments on board your sailing yacht with both your team members and other boat owners.

You’ll also benefit from the professional support of the event organisers, ensuring that your 2019 Rallye experience is full of new and exciting discoveries.


Rallye des Iles du Soleil 2019: register in April 2019

Organised in two stages, the third edition will kick off on Sunday 3 November 2019 from the Canary Islands in the direction of Marie-Galante, an authentic island in the Guadeloupe archipelago, with a stopover in Mindelo Marina in Cape Verde.

So, come back in April 2019 to guarantee your place in the next edition of the Rallye des Iles du Soleil.


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