A promising first outing for Captain Nason’s 3200 Team!

The arrival of the new Captain Nason’s Sun Fast 3200 Team on the waters of the Gulf of Saint Tropez attracted a lot of attention during the second weekend of the Armen Festival organised at Saint Tropez by the SNST (St Tropez Yacht Club).

Right from their initial tacks, the team led by Chrystelle Renaud and Arnaud Lejolivet demonstrated their skills, crossing swords with the best IRC 4 boats.

In the first of the two races run on Saturday, the longest (over 3 hours), the Jeanneau worked its way up to third place over the water and on corrected time, behind two Archambaut 31s, one of which was the future winner.

In the second leg, again fought out over a sausage course but shorter this time, the Sun Fast finished second over the water, but was demoted to fourth on corrected time, missing the podium by a handful of seconds.

This weekend was marked by a severe gale during the night of Saturday to Sunday, which saw the Sunday race cancelled.

Captain Nason’s group congratulate their team for this promising first performance, considering they are still awaiting the full inventory of sails, some of which were missing for this inaugural outing!