Limited edition Sun Odyssey 49i

Limited edition SUN ODYSSEY 49i
360 Docking free !

A sign of the times? Without a doubt, if one is referring to new technology developed for today’s world to save us time and to improve handling and performance. On this point, in the cruising world, Jeanneau is leading a small cultural revolution, something equivalent to the first winch, which could mean a serious competitiveedge.

The technology will allow each owner to master his or her Jeanneau, even under the most difficult conditions, when handling approach and docking without risking the security of people onboard. It will mean the end of difficult combinations of currant, prop walk, crosswinds, acrobatics on the forward deck…

Now, you can just move a joystick in the desired direction and your Jeanneau will willingly follow, whether laterally, forward or in rotation. This new multidirectional steering system created by Jeanneau will make low speed manoeuvring in the ports and channels a piece of cake.

The new pivoting sail drive and joystick controlled docking make a perfect combination.

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