Sun Odyssey 409 – A special recipe for beauty!

At the autumn boat shows discover the Sun Odyssey 409, already nominated for ‘European Yacht of the Year 2011’.

Above all a yacht must be elegant with sweet lines and well-matched rakes. This is how the new Sun Odyssey 409 has been designed by Philippe Briand. This international designer also likes fast hulls (stiff under canvas and stable off the wind?). This comes naturally with the Sun Odyssey 409. Between modernism and classicism, this 40-foot yacht is very homogeneous.
The simplicity of the deck plan also deserves a star. All the halyards are concealed beneath the deck and everything is controlled at the helm position. This yacht is constructed with a view to durability. It is a true Jeanneau. Inside, the beauty of the lines and materials of the Sun Odyssey 409 mean a new, trendier style. The comfort of the cabins, the general capacity and the ‘good living’ atmosphere on board are all compatible. It can be seen at all the autumn boat shows.