New Guided Tour: Step Aboard the Sun Odyssey 380

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A new model this year, the Sun Odyssey 380 is the latest addition to the Sun Odyssey range. Paul FENN and Catherine GUIADER guide you through this model that invites you to set sail and see the world.


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A Smooth Cruising Experience


Its powerful hull delivers the perfect cruising experience.  In addition to being particularly secure, with easy passage along the sidedecks and comfortable, reassuring coaming, this Sun Odyssey features a lower boom, facilitating sail access and augmenting the sail area.




Its incomparable ease of handling and manoeuvrability is unique... Life on board is easy, vibrant, and full of movement!

A Welcoming Interior Dedicated to Well-Being

While the interior design features the key characteristics of this line, so appreciated by owners, particular attention has been paid to the perception of space on board and to the simplification of lines, to create an atmosphere enabling you to experience moments of pure serenity.

The interior is distinguished by its unified, contemporary aesthetic, as well as its exceptional comfort. The interior layout reveals surprising potential for a sailboat of this size.


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The Sun Odyssey Line:  A New Vision of Life on Board

Simplify cruising and experience authentic moments at sea aboard a Sun Odyssey!  Share unforgettable moments with family and friends and enjoy full comfort on board, enhanced by a timeless design, effortless performance, and especially, safety at sea, ideal for cruising.


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