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Discover the guided video tour of the new Sun Odyssey 380 conducted by François-Xavier DEBEAUPTE, Sailboat Product Marketing Manager.



The hallmarks of the 8th generation are all there in the Sun Odyssey 380, with its sloping side decks, rectangular beds, sofa lounge and many options to optimize and customize your boat to suit your personal preferences.

François-Xavier DEBEAUPTE


A Smooth Cruising Experience


Her powerful hull perfects the cruising experience.  In addition to being particularly safe, with unencumbered sidedecks and comfortable coamings, this Sun Odyssey features a lower boom, facilitating access to the sail and increasing the sail area.

Her incomparable ease of movement onboard is unique in this category… Life is easy, but vibrant and full of movement!


An Inviting Interior Dedicated to Well-Being


On the interior, while the design features the hallmarks of this line, so appreciated by owners, careful consideration was given to the perception of space and the simplification of lines, with the objective of creating sensations of peace and calm.

With clear, clean, simplified lines, the interior stands out for its homogenous, contemporary aesthetic and its exceptional comfort.  The interior design reveals a surprising potential for a sailboat of this size.



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Sun Odyssey:  Make Your Life at Sea Shine!


Simplify cruising and experience authentic moments aboard a Sun Odyssey.  Experience shared moments with friends and family and enjoy full comfort on board, enhanced by a timeless design, effortless performance, and especially, safety at sea, ideal for your family cruises.


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