Cap Camarat or Merry Fisher: Choosing Your Outboard Powerboat

Cap Camarat and Merry Fisher are the two world-renowned Jeanneau outboard powerboat lines.  A multitude of these powerboats cruise on waters around the world today.


So, how do you choose which one best suits your needs, and especially, your cruising preferences?


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Two Historic, Successful Powerboat Lines!


Market leaders today, the Cap Camarat and Merry Fisher are also two historic powerboat lines.  These very reactive boats are fun to drive, with new technologies developed by engine manufacturers in partnership with Jeanneau.


At Jeanneau, we have meeting the expectations of our customers at heart, and this is why we continually work for the evolution of our boats.

Vincent Piel – Jeanneau Powerboat Product Manager




The Identities of the Cap Camarat and the Merry Fisher


The Cap Camarat, A Reference


Since the creation of this line, over 40 models have been launched.

Cap Camarats are still leading the fleet and have become a reference in Europe.  While more than 20,000 Cap Camarats are cruising the world’s seas, new models never cease evolving, renewing the spirit of the most famous Jeanneau powerboats.  The outboard powerboat line has thus become a world-wide reference in cruising.




Cap Camarat Center Console (CC)


This is the starting point for the Cap Camarats.  The Cap Camarat Center Console line, offers easy movement about the boat for fishing, as well as for those who enjoy cruising closer to the elements.  This outboard powerboat line is at once quick and stable for family day trips.

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Cap Camarat Day-Cruiser (DC)


The Cap Camarat Day Cruisers are a versatile line enabling all kinds of marine activities, as well as affording good protection for short coastal cruises.  These outboards are appreciated for the elongated lines and their wrap-around windscreens.

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Cap Camarat Walk-Around (WA)


Coastal cruises, water skiing, diving, fishing…  the Cap Camarat WA makes it all possible!  This Walk-Around line features stable, powerful hulls.  Take full advantage of the large sundeck and comfortable interior and exterior living spaces.

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The Merry Fisher, Much More Than a Name!



Merry Fisher Weekender


The Merry Fisher is renowned for its design and performance, but also its comfort on board.  As an outboard powerboat, the Merry Fisher is distinguished by its extreme versatility, built for 100% cruising or 100% fishing.  These are the ideal powerboats for coastal family cruising.

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Merry Fisher Marlin


The Merry Fisher Marlin is characterised by an inverted windscreen and a walk-around deck plan.  In this line, Jeanneau offers the “SUV of the Sea” concept with a contemporary look.  Whether for sport fishing or exploring new places, Merry Fisher Marlins are made for adventure.

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You now know the key characteristics of the two lines!  In function with your cruising preferences, multiple options are available to you.  Our experts can help you decide:


What is the ideal boat for spending the day fishing?


the Cap Camarat Center Console

This is a boat that will enable you to quickly find your fishing spot.  It has a pronounced V-shaped hull that glides through the water and features good seakeeping in any weather conditions.



the Merry Fisher Marlin

A Merry Fisher Marlin offers greater protection from the elements than a Cap Camarat.  What’s more, it can be equipped with twin helm posts,  one on the interior and one on the exterior, while maintaining a spacious cockpit, ideal for fishing trips.


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What is the ideal boat for spending a weekend on the water, as a couple or as a family?


THE Cap Camarat Walk Around

A Cap Camarat with a hull length of between 9m  and 10 m would be the ideal boat for spending one or more nights aboard as a family.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA would be ideal for a couple spending one or two nights in the islands.

THe Merry Fisher Weekender

This is a protective boat for the family.  You will be well protected, with a helm station on the interior, and you can sleep on board as a family in comfortable cabins.


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What is the ideal boat to go cruising for several days?


the Cap Camarat Walk Around

A Cap Camarat with a hull length of between 10m and 12.50m would be the ideal boat for extending your cruise.

On the new Cap Camarat 10.5 WA Serie 2 and the Cap Camarat 12.5 WA, there are multiple living spaces on the interior and on the exterior. On the exterior, for example, the aft cockpit features a side terrace, an inviting place to swim. A second forward living area enables the family to gather, as well.

the Merry Fisher Weekender

This is a boat that offers all the comfort and luxury of an apartment on the water with sea views.

The Merry Fisher 895 and Merry Fisher 1095 feature a living space with a head compartment and  2 or 3 separate cabins for more privacy, enabling you to spend a longer time on board in full comfort.


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