FISH OF THE DAY SEASON 2 #explorewithjeanneau

Experience the adventure of “Fish of the Day” aboard a Merry Fisher 795!  This New Zealand television show showcases fishing and the culinary arts in magnificent settings aboard a Merry Fisher 795, a Jeanneau as well adapted for fishing as for cruising!  Discover the real New Zealand with Clarke Gayford and experience extraordinary adventures aboard the Merry Fisher 795!




Stunning landscapes, dream travel destinations, unforgettable encounters, spectacular fishing and culinary arts, this is the concept for the television show, “Fish Of The Day.”  Those who love spectacular views, fishing and cuisine are delighted to discover the most beautiful regions of New Zealand.  And, aboard a Jeanneau, the experience is even better!

In season 1, Clark Gayford introduces clam fishing aboard an NC14, and invites us to cruise in the National Park of Fiordland with a Merry Fisher 695.

For this new season, the husband of the Prime Minister of New Zealand shares with us some extraordinary fishing and diving experiences aboard a Merry Fisher 795.

These video clips from episodes of @Fish of the Day with Clarke Gayford will enable you to discover the pleasure of cruising and fishing in some spectacular locations.


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Watch the video TEASER, Season 2 of “Fish of the Day”





You can find all the episodes from Season 2, here:

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#1  – A First Catch on a Jig in Tatapouri

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#2  – Underwater Spearfishing for Pink Maomao

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#3  – White Island and Its Active Volcano, Magnificent and Boiling with Life!

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#4  – After A Dive, We Go Fishing Off White Island

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#5  – Fishing for Striped Marlin in the North of New Zealand:  Incredible Fishing!

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#6  – Discover One of Jacques Cousteau’s 10 Most Beautiful Dive Spots!

FISH OF THE DAY Season#2 Episode#7  – A New Visit to the Poor Nights Islands, Filmed in 360 Degrees!




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