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Cap Camarat 7.5 DC

CAP CAMARAT 7.5 DC SERIE 2: 新一代日间巡航艇

Cap Camarat Day Cruiser系列线条流畅、驾驶舱有遮护,实用且多功能,适合各种类型的海上活动,比如与家人和朋友沿海巡航。

Cap Camarat 7.5 DC série2忠实于DC系列的特点, 拥有加长的线条和环形挡风玻璃,同时提供了一个重新设计的驾驶舱。宽敞的U型驾驶舱沙龙是模块化的,由一个大门与外界区分,同时打通了与游泳平台之间的通行,戏水更方便。船尾的长座椅有可反转的座椅靠背,在船尾游泳时可以面向大海和甲板上的右舷游泳平台休息。

这款船型的舒适性丝毫不逊色 : 内部宽敞且沐浴在自然光下,甲板和船体上都有大面窗户。船上还设有宽敞的双铺位,可以看到大海;一个实用的存储空间和一个单独的卫浴。

巡航体验安全舒适,副驾驶的座位面对大海、遮阳篷或顶部敞篷都完美置入。Michael Peters为7.5 CC/WA/BR SERIE2打造的著名船体汇集了无数巧妙的功能。

Performance and Peace of Mind: A Certain Concept of Style

Designed for family use, the Cap Camarat 7.5 DC offers an additional measure of security with-out compromising performance. The hull designed by Michael Peters ensures stability while cruising and ease of handling at the helm. The wide, wrap-around black windscreen surrounds the cockpit, affording excellent protection for passengers. A bench seat enables passengers to sit near the captain on longer crossings. This subtle blend of power, security, and elegance gives this boat inimitable style and charm.

Comfort at Every Level

Very protective while cruising, the Cap Camarat 7.5 DC provides swimming access from the aft of the boat while at anchor. The clever reversible bench seating enables you to benefit from a sundeck on the side of the swim platform, while the deck presents another option for basking in the sun. The spacious cabin features generous storage and a separate head compartment. Two windows in the hull and deck afford bright natural lighting and increase the feeling of spacious-ness. Well equipped, this boat promises safe, beautiful outings at sea and successful weekend cruises.


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  • U形駕駛艙沙龙可变成日光浴甲板
  • 副驾驶座位可变成一张休闲椅
  • 客舱与双人床舖,存储空间和化学洗手间
  • 甲板上的大窗户给舱提供通风
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Cap Camarat 7.5 DC


  • 宽大的驾驶舱沙龙可变成一个日光浴甲板,与外置厨房和融入式的休闲沙发
  • 豪华掌舵位置设有双人休息座椅
  • 光线充足的卧舱设有船体窗和天窗
  • 双人卧舖和第三个单人卧舖
  • 与海上用洗手间有独立的隔间
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